FAQ Apartments, Condominium, JMB, MC



Problems  with upper unit owners making noise such as lifting chairs / tables / footsteps (walking)

No Act provisioned for the noise problem as above. This is a neighbourhood issue/problem. Complainant should discuss with the unit owner/occupant to overcome this problem. The complainant may also request assistance from the management/JMB/MC to give advice to residents who cause problems.


Leakage of house/unit on upper floor and water drip/seep into the house/unit below

The issue/problem of leakage/damage to the unit is the responsibility of the unit owner because it is an individual property and not a common property. In the event of leakage, the complainant is advised to discuss with the upper unit owner to repair or share the cost of maintenance


Waste pile in the apartment vicinity

Alam Flora collects DOMESTIC waste only. BULK trash is under the responsibility of the management/JMB/MC. Complainant is advised to lodge a complaint at the management office where the complainant pays service charge (maintenance charge) every month


Problem of inadequate parking lots in apartment area

This problem is faced by most of the apartment complexes because most apartment units have more than one car each nowadays. JMB only provides one parking lot per one unit of apartment. Complainant is advised to purchase MPSJ monthly parking pass to park outside the vicinity without being compounded by the enforcement authority, provided that traffic is not obstructed.


How many committee members of JMB & MC?

JMB (Joint Management Body) -5 to 6 people
MC (Management Corporation) - 3 to 15 people


Who will issue JMB & MC certificate?

JMB certificate is issued by the COB
MC Certificate is issued by the PTG (Land and Mineral Office)


How many is the quorum to establish the first meeting of the AGM (Annual General Meeting) & EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting)?

JMB - 25%
If no quorum after half an hour from the start of the meeting, a buyer who is eligible to vote will be counted as a quorum.
MC - 50%
If the quorum is not sufficient, the meeting should be postponed to the following week at the same venue and time.


What are the qualifications to vote?

JMB - Owner/joint buyer who has been appointed as a proxy
- No outstanding MC maintenance charges
- Has transferred ownership to individual name (registered owner)
- No outstanding maintenance charges


Will a tenant be allowed to attend AGM/EGM meeting

Yes. But the tenant has no right to vote


Can JMB be dissolved?

Yes, if no buyer is interested to fill in the vacancy in JMB. If this happens, COB will appoint a management agent.


How long is the JMB established duration before the MC is established?

No specific duration. When registration of the strata title has been opened and 25% of the owners have made transfer of ownership (no longer in the name of the developer).


If JMB  is not functional/ not active how to solve the residents' problems?

Appoint new committee members through EGM, or COB will appoint a management agent.


What is defined as Common Property?

A property that is being used collectively such as the playground, surau, terrace, gym, corridor, stairs, elevator, swimming pool, roof and open space.


Are pets allowed/can be kept in apartment?

Yes but not to the point that it will intrude the neighbours and if there is a complaint, JMB/MC can take action. JMB/MC can make a "house rule" on this matter.


Can the apartment owners make modification on the residential units?

Yes. As long as it does not involve additional buildings.